We’re a Temp Staffing Agency Providing Top-Quality Chefs and Back-of-House Staff to Businesses Across the UK

Through our dedicated back-of-house recruitment team, comprised of two former industry-leading Chefs, we provide an array of temporary hospitality staffing solutions across the UK. We supply Chefs of all levels, from Chef de Partie to Head Chefs, to a wide range of venues including the country’s most legendary stadia hosting thousands of guests to small but much-loved local hotels and restaurants: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

We’re known for exceptional, unwavering delivery for each and every client. We focus on quality and consistency, providing highly skilled and experienced team members to replicate an in-house team that understands your vision, mission and values that are so intrinsically linked with guest experience. As a high-performance business, we work to ensure quality is monitored throughout our operations, we’re both ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 accredited. Our commitment to high-quality standards is an integral part of our company ethos and informs the nature of the work we undertake, the way it is undertaken and our operational policies.

Each one of our Chefs have attended a 1-2-1 interview, allowing us to learn about their previous experiences, working environments, preferences, skills & training. Certificates in Food Allergens, Food Safety L2 are a prerequisite alongside understanding other industry qualifications gained.

We also supply other back-of-house roles including:

  • Kitchen Porter
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Catering Assistant
  • Food Handler
  • Cellar Porter

Our team, with their industry knowledge and first-hand experience in the job role, match the best Chef to your business. If you are looking to hire temporary Chefs or our extended back-of-house team, get in touch with our back-of-house recruiters today. We work across the UK but have six hubs located in Liverpool, Manchester, London, Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow, choose the closest hub to you below when contacting below:

Junior Chef Training

Affordable solution for entry level skills from people passionate about working in kitchens. Supporting the next generation of chefs.

Handpicked individuals in groups of 5 are invited to our training rooms to learn knife skills, understand the kitchen hierarchy, specific vocabulary, receive training on health & safety & food hygiene elements ranging from understanding about temperature checks to different coloured chopping boards.

Cellar Porter Training

Our in-house Cellar Porter Training Programme is training to change 3 different types of kegs, gas and manage stock.

Skilled cellar staff that can not only change kegs but also work on a bar or with a Bar Manager to manage stock, resolve technical issues with gas etc… are a lot more specialist. At Arc, we offer cellar porter training in-house with specially trained members of our full-time team leading the training on-site or at another client venue.