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Chef Jobs

Whether you’re a Chef de Partie or Commis Chef, we have an array of roles ready for you

We’re Actively Recruiting Agency Chefs Across the UK

In recent times, our dedicated Back of House team, which specialises in Chef recruitment, has experienced unprecedented demand for Head Chefs, Sous Chefs, Chef de Parties and Commis Chefs to work in the kitchens of the world’s most famed venues including Premier League Football Clubs, arenas, racecourses, heritage and tourist sites. These clients are located close to our hubs in Liverpool, Manchester, London, Glasgow, Leeds and Birmingham.

As one of the UK’s leading event staffing agencies with a solid background in hospitality recruitment, we are investing heavily in our Back of House Team and are actively recruiting Chefs of all levels to join our growing team.


Chef Hierarchy

Interested in a culinary career? Explore the typical career path of a Chef for those who want to reach the top.

Commis Chef

A Commis Chef is the most junior role within the kitchen, a place where many of the world’s most esteemed Chefs have begun their careers, including Gordon Ramsey and Marco Pierre White. It’s where every Chef starts and is usually where you can find many recent culinary school grads putting their skills to the test.

In most kitchens, you’ll be assisting the Chef de Partie with their tasks, preparing ingredients and dishes, helping with deliveries, stock organisation and cleaning duties. To make the most of your time as a Commis Chef and best prepare for taking the next step up the ladder, it’s essential to have a proactive attitude, strong listening skills and exceptional organisational skills.

Chef de Partie

A Chef de Partie is responsible for a particular area of production within a professional kitchen and therefore, there are many variations of this role, including:

  • Sauté chef
  • Fish Chef
  • Vegetable Chef
  • Pastry Chef

In most kitchens, they’ll work alone with the support of a Commis Chef but in larger kitchens, there may be several junior Chef de Parties to ensure the utmost efficiency. Their responsibilities include managing their own section and ensuring that it meets the standards set by the Sous Chef, preparing the food to a high standard and training Commis Chefs.

Sous Chef

Literally translating to “Under Chef” in French, a Sous Chef is second in command but often has a more active role within a professional kitchen in directly managing the team.

Their main duty is to direct operations as determined by the Head Chef including ensuring all the elements of the kitchen are working with utmost efficiency, checking presentation and food quality alongside training new starters.

Head Chef / Chef de Cuisine

The Head Chef is the highest role within the brigade de cuisine, a system developed by the famous French Chef, Georges Auguste Escoffier. In larger establishments, however, an Executive Chef leads.

They are responsible for overseeing the whole kitchen operation from menu planning, staffing, and inventory management to food preparation, cooking and adhering to health and safety regulations.

This is a high-pressured role within a high-pressured environment and requires some years of experience within a kitchen to be able to truly excel in this role.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My First Job As a Chef?

That depends on your education level, if you are studying or have studied at culinary college, you can look for Commis Chef roles, an entry-level role that requires some basic knowledge of food preparation. If you don’t have any professional culinary qualifications, then you could look at a Kitchen Porter role. It provides exposure within a professional kitchen, a valuable opportunity to learn the lingo, get to grips with the general operations and network with more senior Chefs.