Your New Path

The Recruiment

We believe in the journey, just as much as the destination.

To us, work is change. A dedication not only to a certain cause, but most importantly to bettering yourself. That’s why we believe, that from our first interaction we help you redefine what it means to be an employee.

to start


Step 1


To kick off your Arc journey, choose the area and role you’re most interested in working. Most of our positions don’t need much experience but it’s important you have the right attitude and are genuinely enthusiastic about working with us.

You’ll be asked to complete some initial questions so we can learn a bit about you and make sure you’re the right fit.

Once you’ve completed the initial stages, you’ll have the option to choose a fast track video application or in-person assessment session.

02Video Introduction - Fast Track

Step 2

Option 1: Video Introduction - Fast Track

Want to start work immediately? Then this is the option for you.

You’ll be asked to complete a short, 3-minute video introduction where you talk us through your experience and why you’re interested in the role. But don’t stress, it’s nothing to worry about. Simply a way for us to get to know you. You can redo your video as many times as you like so you’re fully happy before submitting it.

You’ll also need to show your ID documents at this stage so we can confirm your right to work in the UK. Any application without the correct Right to Work documents will be put on hold until the correct documents are provided.

03Assessment Session

Step 3

Option 2: Assessment Session

Our assessment session is a great way to meet the people who will book you in for shifts and your potential colleagues.

The session covers all things Arc, from our vision, type of clients and code of conduct, as well as practical training for a variety of positions.

All assessment sessions include practical training and give you the chance to learn techniques you’ll be using on your shifts with Arc.

You’ll need to bring your ID documents to the session with you so we can verify them and book you in for shifts as soon as possible. If you’ve completed a video profile you’re assessment session will be online.


Step 4


Depending on the role you apply for, you will receive specific training so you’re fully equipped to take it on.

If you choose the fast track option, training will be provided via online presentations and videos, ending with a short quiz to test your knowledge. It’s important you pay attention to this training otherwise you risk your application being extended while you retake the quiz.

If you choose the in-person assessment you’ll receive in-person training, which includes basic hospitality techniques such as carrying multiple plates, pouring pints and drinks service.

This is perfect for newcomers to the industry but also an opportunity for experienced applicants to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Further training opportunities include top tier hospitality, team leader, supervisor, barista and betting.

Not to mention useful health and safety and manual handling briefings that will prepare you for any environment you work in.

Further training may take place onsite with clients to give you specifics on the roles and venues. But any training completed after appointment is paid.

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