Arc Alumni

Since 2008, we’ve had over 50,000 team members start their Arc journey.

They’ve gone on to thrive in a variety of careers, roles, and places! Some of them even work for us behind the scenes.

Here are some of our shining stars from over the years.


What did you get out of your time with Arc?

Arc was one of my first work experiences, and where I learned how to communicate with customers. As a foreign student in the UK it is really complicated to find a flexible and fun job. With Arc, I managed to study and work at the same time and gain experience in the hospitality industry which is also what I am currently studying. Arc is an amazing company to work with because it gives us the opportunity to work in different venues in London, to develop different skills, and to network and meet new people.


What did you get out of your time with Arc?

I’ve gained the skills needed, not only to work every aspect of a bar, but also manage it and its staff. I’ve met so many people, friends and colleagues from many walks of life and at each event I get to meet more new people. So, it helped with my social skills and team building skills.


What did you get out of your time with Arc?

The thing I enjoyed most was the variety of different shifts and job roles that were available and the ability to organise your own working schedule. This gave me the flexibility and freedom to balance work around my study schedule.

Working in the industry improved my confidence and ability to communicate well with many different people. Despite not continuing in the hospitality industry, I feel like my time at Arc has taught me many valuable skills that were vital to my personal development.


How did your experience with Arc have an impact on your career?

Before coming to Arc, I already had a lot of industry experience but one new thing I learnt was to tap a barrel that is real ale and not on the gas. I also added to my leadership experience by team leading and managing at a number of different venues.

Another thing I learnt was how to interact with Gen Z. As a Baby Boomer who is used working with Millennials, Gen Z was a bit of a challenge

Coming from a background of senior management in the Meetings and Events sector it was interesting to see the other side of the industry, as well as gain new connections as I am a networker by nature.