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Why Flexible Work Can Benefit Uni Students

One of the biggest challenges university students face is finding part-time work that gives them the flexibility they need to fit work around their studies.

At Arc, we are fully flexible which allows students to work whilst studying and most importantly, work the days and hours they want to work.

There are many reasons why flexible work can benefit university students and enable them to work at university. Here are some of the many reasons why working with Arc can benefit university students who are wanting to work whilst studying. Keep reading to find out more!

Better Work-Life Balance

Flexible work for university students means that you are not restricted to working the same hours and days every day of the week, leaving you able to fit your work around your schedule.

As a student, it is important to balance both work and a social life. Being able to have a social life reduces stress and prevents burnout, which is imperative for managing mental health.

As well as this, flexible, part-time work helps employees retain healthier habits, like finding time to exercise, enjoy hobbies and socialise with friends, as well as being able to spend time with family too.

Being able to Work in Multiple Environments

At Arc, you can not only choose your days and hours, but you can also choose what venues you want to work at too.

Working in a variety of locations gives you a wealth of experience. Working at a football stadium is completely different to working in a racecourse, but both are equally rewarding.

Furthermore, working in different environments increases productivity both at work and at uni, as you’re working in a fresh and exciting place. This certainly makes a change from your average part-time job and the general stress and boredom that pervades the library!

No Contracted Hours and Choice of Shifts

Flexible positions are the best jobs for students as if you have deadlines coming up and your schedule starts to get busy, you can take a step back from working for however long you need to and jump right back in whenever you like!

Choosing your shifts gives you the freedom to pick up work after class or the weekend, and whether you choose to work close to campus or further afield, if you work for Arc there are no contracted hours and no commitments to how many hours you are expected to work in a week.

You just work whenever you have time to work.

Working to Fit Your Schedule, Not the Other Way Around

The best part-time jobs for students give you the ability to work around your academic timetable as well as plan activities with friends.

Our flexible work policy gives you control over your schedule, and you do not need to worry about trying to fit studying in around work.

When you work when you want, it can give you a morale and engagement boost since you are not tied down to a contract and this, in turn, decreases chances of burnout and work-related stress.

Helps You to Gain Experience

Students who choose hospitality work will not only gain experience in the world of hospitality and beyond but will encounter people from all walks of life, dealing with stressful, high-demand situations and difficult customers too. Through this, you will gain valuable skills that you can apply to future roles.

Whether you choose to pursue hospitality work out of university or go into another line of work, the skills you will gain are super transferrable.

You Get to Meet New and Exciting People

Making friends and meeting new and exciting people isn’t just for Fresher’s Week!

Meeting and interacting with new people, whether it is fellow team members, clients or consumers develops your teamwork and interpersonal skills, as well as grows your confidence, which is always great in new situations and interviewing for future roles.

When you meet new people, you have the potential to make a good impression and expand your network of contacts, which could prove extremely useful in the future.

There are many reasons why casual and flexible work is great for university students, especially when it comes to juggling a social life alongside your deadlines and classes. However, to be able to balance work with studying, it is important to take into consideration your free time too. That’s why Arc is perfect if you want to work but also have a social life, especially since there are no contracted hours and you get to choose what days and hours you want to work.