Image for Think Carbon: Zainab’s Carbon Footprint Reduction

Think Carbon: Zainab’s Carbon Footprint Reduction

It has really surprised me how effortless it can be to lower your carbon footprint. People assume that it requires taking very big steps, but you would be shocked at how many small ones can add up to have a significant impact.

Carbon Footprint Target

While my footprint is well below the UK person’s average footprint thanks to the steps I took on Giki Zero, I am still quite far away from the target we need to reach by 2030 to keep the global warming below 1.5 degrees C.

The little steps I took have positioned me slightly above the average global footprint. Seeing this has inspired me to take those big moves and encourage others to start small like I did. Taking care of the environment is vital to me as extreme emissions will likely have the most negative impact on countries like mine, which is why I am committed to this quest.

Zainab Quote: "I believe that if everyone makes a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint, we can truly make a difference in protecting our planet's future."

There are a variety of easy steps to begin with, which, in my opinion, do not take a lot of effort. Cooking, for example, takes energy. As a result, putting lids on pans helps keep the heat in, requiring less energy, thus reducing your carbon footprint. Boiling only water you need and ensuring you do not stock up your kitchen with single-use items is also another step. That’s already three easy steps you can take in your daily life.

Additionally, when compared to cars, cycling and walking are extremely low-carbon modes of transportation. Walking is very therapeutic for me, so I don’t mind walking everywhere (when the Manchester weather permits of course). I walk to work at least twice a week to reduce my carbon footprint, and most importantly, to improve my health and keep fit. Furthermore, the average household receives over 600 junk mail items per year, which must be recycled or, worse, thrown away. Putting a stop to junk mail could be a simple first step, which will both save trees and your hassle.

These are some of the small steps I have taken, and I hope they inspire others to recognise that a little can make a big difference.