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And the Winner is… Arc’s Team Member of the Month Scheme

You work your butts off for us at 100s of event venues each week. One day you could be wine waiting at a VIP event, the next pouring pints for crowds at a Premier League football stadium. As one of our agency workers, you must think on the spot, manage customer expectations, and spend hours at a time on your feet. We know that agency workers are often unsung heroes in hospitality venues, and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd of 1000s of colleagues.

That’s why we’ve revamped our Team Member of the Month Scheme to reward more employees and recognise your contributions to our nationwide operation. Worker of the month schemes can encourage healthy competition, help you feel valued and motivate you to do your best work. They also help us showcase team members exhibiting our values and set an example for the Arc brand, something that is very important to us.

How does Arc’s Team Member of the Month scheme work?

Traditionally, we have chosen one Team Member of the Month winner for the country. Now, we are giving hubs the chance to have a winner each month.

Each operations team in their respective hub has the chance to nominate their shining stars from that month. The People Operations Managers and Coordinators select people based on client feedback, exceptional service, and commitment from the previous month. The nominations are then sent to our Head of Operations to choose the winner for each office. You’ll then be contacted by our Marketing team who will explain why you were chosen and what you’ve won.

How can I win Team Member of the Month?

We have many exceptional workers who are all deserving of winning. The winner from each hub will be someone who has received glowing feedback from a client or has gone above and beyond to support our staffing operation. Maybe you assisted with a check-in or bus meet and went on to work your normal shift. Maybe you went out of your way to help a customer or colleague. Or maybe you worked a particularly awkward and tricky shift for us last minute. Winners will be people who have shown commitment, loyalty, and character.

However, we also place high importance on a consistent track record during your time at Arc. Therefore, winners must have worked a minimum of ten shifts for us and must not have received a ‘Fail to Show’ strike within the last three months. This is so we can reward and encourage the right behaviour amongst our Team Members.

What do Team Member of the Month winners receive?

We think our Team Member of the Month prize is pretty impressive. If you are crowned hub winner, you’ll receive a £50 bonus that payday. Giving you the freedom to treat yourself to a nice meal, new pair of trainers or a flight to Rome. But that’s not all. We will also donate £50 to a charity of your choice. There are great charities that our Team Members are keen to support, but we know life can get in the way, and it can be hard to donate when you have bills, rent and food to pay for. This way you can support a cause personal to you without worrying it will take a chunk out of your wallet.

On top of your bonus and charity donation, you will also receive a Team Member of the Month certificate and a shout out in our Newsletter and on Social Media – so everyone knows how fabulous you are!

Can I nominate colleagues to be Team Member of the Month?

We love to see our Team Members supporting each other so of course, you can make suggestions on who you want to win each month. Just send your colleague’s name and the reason why they deserve to win to our Operations teams, and they’ll consider your nominations with their own.