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Meet Muthuvel, Our Yorkshire Team Member

Introduce Yourself!

Hi, my name is Muthuvel. I have been working with Arc Yorkshire gladly for a year now. I started working with Arc during my MSc in Human and Molecular Genetics in Sheffield in February 2022. Arc has solely been the reason my interest in Hospitality and Event Management grew and I am thankful for that. I would say working as a Team Member with Arc is the best thing that happened and where I enjoy working  the most.

What Has Been The Most Challenging Shift You Have Had And How Did You Deal With It? 

The shifts from Arc are always thrilling and pleasant. The sites, I have worked, are lovely and splendid to work. Nonetheless, there was this one shift which I would never forget in my life I believe. This was when I had to fry over 50kgs of chips in less than 4 hours and manage a team of 6 members at Bramall Lane, Sheffield. This was my third shift as a Retail Team Leader there. During half-time, for some reason I don’t know, I remembered when Richard (People Operations Manager, Liverpool) dropped by to say hi the previous shift and that made me happy. To this day, this shift brings out a laugh and questions how I survived that day. I really do not know how! I adore that shift even now. It was indeed a challenge for me.

Richard, our People Operations Manager, always checks up on our Team Members on-shift!

What Skills Or Qualities Do You Think Makes A Great Team Member?

I stand by the values instilled by Arc – “We are honest. We care. We deliver. Our client comes first “. I believe what makes a team member exceptional is someone who enhances the team dynamic and aids in the accomplishment of the team’s success and that of the client. As an Arc Team Member, I strongly support active communication and collaboration as this enables us to pool our resources, talents and expertise to the best of use. Working with Arc, I have the learnt the importance of being trustworthy and accountable for our acts to develop positive work atmosphere and be adaptable and dependable to manage and commend to the needs of the client.

What Is It Like To Be A Part Of Team Arc? 

I should say I am honoured to be a part of Arc and I can proudly say I have evolved both professionally and personally with Arc. The Operations Team is always by your side, supporting you and nurturing you to have a delightful shift where one definitely enjoys working. Arc will make everyone feel valued and supported. The team will definitely bring out the best in you and I was able to establish strong interpersonal skills and learn so much that I can’t explain in a few words! Working with Arc was my first time to work in the UK and I was able to familiarize myself, step out of my comfort zone and grow! Truly, deciding to work with Arc was one of my best decisions in the UK I should say.

What Advice Can You Give To Your Fellow Team Members?

Have fun. Get out of your comfort zone and try a lot of new things. This is the perfect opportunity to make friends and build your network as well. The experience you gain and the memories you make will cherish with you forever. At the same time, be honest, be yourself and be genuine. Always give it your best and work together to ultimately attain success to the team and happiness to you. Be reliable and explicable with a positive attitude willing to commit to work sincerely.