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Introducing Wagestream

We’re Introducing Wagestream. Enhancing Financial Wellbeing For Our Team Members!

During the cost of living crisis, we wanted to help our Team Members manage their money more easily. We’ve paired up with Wagestream, allowing our Team Members the option to choose when they get paid. They are able to access up to 40% of their hours worked, when viewable in Wagestream.

The app provides access to a toolkit of simple-to-use, flexible financial products and services for managing money easily, securely and more effectively every day. We hope that this addition to Arc helps the thousands of our Team Members navigate through the peaks and troughs of their finances each month.

Keep your eyes peeled for a notification on the Ubeya feed – we’ll open up registrations in just a few days!

Key Features of The App

– Flexible Pay

Choose when to get paid using your available earnings with no borrowing or interest charges.

– Build

Build automatically puts money aside for you each month into a separate pot that can be used to cover unexpected costs or treats in the future.