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How to Succeed on Shift and Receive Great Feedback

Turn up with a smile and enthusiasm

Whether it’s your first ever shift or your 50th, it’s important to turn up to each one with an eagerness to succeed and a positive attitude. Smile at all your colleagues, managers and customers and be as friendly as possible.

Go above and beyond

Always offer to help with any tasks, whether they are part of your specific job role or not. You may be working on a bar but the waiting on team may need help clearing plates and glasses — as long you’re in a position to leave the bar for five minutes, it will look great if you ask a manager if anyone needs help on the floor.

Know your job role and research the company before working

As an agency worker, you may be waiting on tables one day and working as a hawking the next, so it’s really important you know what is expected of you before you arrive on site and what your job role will involve. It’s also great if you know in advance what type of business you’re going to and who their customers are so you’re fully prepared shift and anything that might crop up.

While on site, make sure you listen to briefings and your managers instructions clearly, often there is useful information regarding the type of service and they will also set clear guidelines of what can be expected and what service they expect you to offer.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

You’re only human, you won’t be expected to know everything about a shift, especially as you may not work at this venue you very often. So, if a customer asks you a question you don’t know the answer to or you don’t know where something goes don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor or a colleague who works there more often for help.

Help customers as much as possible

It’s important to always put the customers first. Ask them how their day is going or if they need any help with anything. Always put yourself in the customers’ shoes and think about how you would like the situation handled.