Explore Our Industry-Leading Training Programmes

Coupled with our desire to support the local economy and community through new employment and skills, we have created learning and development pathways for our team members. Our training programmes are created to upskill them; enhancing their skills, strengthening our service and amplifying your guests’ experience.

As an Investors in People Gold accredited company, we know that our employees are our most valuable asset and we are committed to investing in our people and their development. This investment not only benefits our team members during their time at Arc but increases their job prospects and future earning potential.



VIP Hospitality Training

Created in response to the post-Covid VIP Hospitality shortage for extremely high-level hospitality staff and reward our loyal team members with further development.

Our bespoke course, devised by company Director Paul Marcinkowski, is delivered to only a handful of our most promising team members, handpicked to attend the session. After an intensive 2-hour course, successful team members get a ‘VIP’ tag on their profile and have access to positions requiring high-end hospitality skills.

Junior Chef Training

Affordable solution for entry level skills from people passionate about working in kitchens. Supporting the next generation of chefs.

Handpicked individuals in groups of 5 are invited to our training rooms to learn knife skills, understand the kitchen hierarchy, specific vocabulary, receive training on health & safety & food hygiene elements ranging from understanding about temperature checks to different coloured chopping boards.

Cellar Porter Training

Our in-house Cellar Porter Training Programme is training to change 3 different types of kegs, gas and manage stock.

Skilled cellar staff that can not only change kegs but also work on a bar or with a Bar Manager to manage stock, resolve technical issues with gas etc… are a lot more specialist. At Arc, we offer cellar porter training in-house with specially trained members of our full-time team leading the training on-site or at another client venue.

Barista Training

At Arc, we have professional baristas within our full-time team who lead our in-house barista training programme.

Each team member learns how to use a professional coffee machine to create five of the most popular types of coffee: Flat White, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte and Americano. We focus on accuracy, temperature and speed to recreate the most realistic scenario of what a professional Barista will experience.

Our team members are then assessed and if successful, they are provided with a special tag on our system which differentiates them from other Team Members and allows them to book in for Barista shifts.