We’re a Temp Staffing Agency Providing Comprehensive Recruiting Solutions to Festivals Across the UK

Welcome to the wonderful world of Arc festivals! Our centralised festival team manages the full UK operation, providing comprehensive staffing solutions to some of the biggest festivals across the country, including Creamfields, The Long Road Festival, Download and Tramlines. From our six strategically-located hubs in Liverpool, Manchester, London, Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow, we utilise our online recruitment process to recruit in any location across the UK.

We will become a trusted partner, who will support you and your operation from start to finish, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional and enjoyable experience to guests. We ensure the most efficient of deliveries at each and every event, with one point of contact, an established check-in process that ensures watertight compliance checks and a system that ensures we will deliver on your allocation with a quality team.

We focus on quality and consistency, providing highly skilled team members to replicate an in-house team that understands your vision, mission and values that are so intrinsically linked with guest experience. As a high-performance business, we work to ensure quality is monitored throughout our operations, we’re both ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 accredited. Our commitment to high-quality standards is an integral part of our company ethos and informs the nature of the work we undertake, the way it is undertaken and our operational policies.

Our Festival Roles:

We select the highest-quality candidates and screen for attitude, reliability, and communication: people who bring fantastic energy, great teamwork skills, and, above all, can handle working in the fast-paced environment of festival bar work.

The Roles On Offer:

  • Bar Staff
  • Bar Backs
  • Ticketing
  • Challenge 21 Roles
  • Baristas
  • Cocktail Bartenders
  • Bar Managers
  • Bar Supervisors
  • Stock/Logistics
  • Catering Assistants
  • Chefs


How We Recruit & Train

We use a robust and thorough applicant tracking system (ATS) and have worked with the developer to create a bespoke onboarding process. 


We can place vacancies on our website which links to Indeed and other job boards. These can be targeted to various geographies. Vacancies meet all legal requirements including job roles and rates of pay.


There are two routes to apply for Arc, the first is by applying online before being invited to an assessment session. The second allows candidates to submit a video application, should their geographic location or circumstances mean they cannot attend in person.

Assessment Session

Our assessment sessions cover all things Arc, from our story, vision, type of clients and code of conduct to practical training for various positions. We look for individuals who are friendly, engaged and confident in interacting with others. 


All candidates are given training on COSHH, Manual Handling, Food Safety & Allergens. Hospitality skills are assessed from induction level (3 plate service/5 plate clear, tray service etc) and additional skills are noted (e.g. Barista)

Recruiting in Remote Locations

We want to create social value within our communities and feel strongly about creating employment for local people. In 2023, we staffed over 30 festivals and recruited in remote locations, some of which are over 80 miles from the nearest Arc hub, including:

  • Oxford
  • Northampton
  • Bristol
  • Portsmouth
  • Dundee
  • Darlington
  • Pitlochry 
  • Norfolk
  • Cheltenham

With our fully remote recruitment via our online application process, we can recruit across locations but still retain our quality. We’re experienced in undertaking successful recruitment campaigns in remote areas, not only providing locals with employment in the area but enhancing sustainability by cutting down on commuting and lowering our carbon footprint.

It should be noted that many of our team members are able to move around the UK and continue to work with Arc due to the number of hubs across the country. In particular, we have a large proportion of students who take advantage of this throughout their studies, from relocating home during summer break to returning to their university lodgings during term time.

Our On-Site Festival Management Team

We have a consistent on-site festival management team to assist with all aspects of the operation including:

  • Accreditation
  • Signing-in/Signing-out
  • Management of Staff Breaks
  • Welfare Issues
  • Team Member Performance
  • Team Member Presentation

We come fully equipped with our own infrastructure and resources including branded gazebos, flags and telescopic flag poles. This makes it really easy for the staff to see where they are going, what area they need to be in and helps us to manoeuvre large groups of people around efficiently and effectively.

Our on-site managers are present throughout the entirety of the shift to manage any welfare issues and assist with check out. It also helps us with quality assurance as we can see team members in action for ourselves

Our Commitment to Leave No Trace

We pledge that we will leave no trace at festivals, meaning that you will find our camping or staffing areas exactly as you found them.

Our Leave No Trace campaign helps make sure everyone knows what they need to do to lower their environmental impact on-site. The main ways we do this are by:

  • Encouraging the team to take public transport where possible
  • Educating team members on correct recycling procedures
  • Appointing a Leave No Trace representative who’s responsible for ensuring all waste is cleared up
  • Asking our team to pledge to leave no trace on the site.

For Creamfields 2023, we delivered a carbon neutral operation by offsetting our carbon footprint across the festival including travel and waste.

We are ISO 14001 Certified

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems. It provides a framework for organisations to design, implement, and continually improve their environmental performance.

This system reinforces our vision and commitment to being a sustainable business, legally accountable for creating triple-bottom-line value: people, profit and planet.