Image for From School Leaver to Ops Manager, How Emma King Has Become One of Arc’s Homegrown Talents…

From School Leaver to Ops Manager, How Emma King Has Become One of Arc’s Homegrown Talents…

Emma King joined Arc at 16 years old as a Team Member, and has been with the company ever since. Here’s Emma’s story on her success…

When Did You Join Arc?

I joined Arc full-time when I was 18, three months after I finished Sixth Form! I had worked for Arc as a Hospitality Team Member since I was 16 doing a range of events, and had temped in the office to help both the Liverpool and Midlands Branch with staffing, and recruitment between the ages of 16-18.

I was really fortunate that a full-time position was offered to me, as I knew I wasn’t ready for university yet. I enjoyed working, and wanted to dive right in!

What Was Your First Role?

My first actual role with Arc was as a Hospitality Team Member doing FOH work at The Open Golf Tournament when I was in one of the VIP boxes for the week. I was awarded Server of the Week for the entire event which I remember little 16 year old me being extremely proud of herself! I was then made a Supervisor that Christmas which I really enjoyed because I got a clipboard so felt really important at the Christmas Parties that I worked at!

My first role within the office was as a Staffing and Recruitment Coordinator in the Liverpool Team in 2019. I was given different accounts to run and had to ensure I was driving the right levels of recruitment to match the demand of the business. Christmas 2019 was my first real taste of what Arc does, and it showed me how hard the hospitality industry could be, but also how rewarding it is too!

What Do You Study at University?

I currently study BA Acting at University which I’m absolutely loving! After Covid-19, I decided that it was important to go for your ambitions, and to test your limits as I think that period of time really put a lot of things into perspective for people.

How Do You Balance University With Working at Arc?

Quite nicely because you need to be CONFIDENT with this role as it can be daunting having to be in charge or lead a check in by yourself, and so having that extra skill of performance it means I can calm myself, and successfully see it through without panicking.

I tend to think of a big check in as one long performance, and you have to meet so many different people in a rush; it helps me because I can stay switched on in high pressured situations.

What is The Best Thing About Working for Arc?

Easy – The people! The people within my team are some of the best I’ve ever come across. I’m so fortunate to have such intelligent, hard-working, and most importantly kind people that I get to work with each day.

In Operations, you spend so much time with the people around you that you have no choice but to become each other’s support, and I think that’s something Arc does very well. Some of my closest friends have been made at this company, and that’s not something that happens often where you can say you genuinely love the people you spend every day with.

These three are the ones I’ve worked with the longest, no problem is ever unsolvable for me as I know that they will back me 100%, and I get to watch in awe of them each day with how quick they are with new ideas, and knowing that they genuinely care about my input is what I value most. Very soppy I know!!

What Has been the biggest challenge?

Such a hard one! I would say that completing Royal Ascot week was an uphill climb as the initial idea of spending a week away from home with 130 staff by myself was not what I would have called a dream!.