Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct 

When working for Arc, our Code of Conduct must be followed at all times, whether you are working in themed attractions, hospitality, betting, hawking or any job offered to you by Arc.

Attitude and Honesty: We will do our utmost to care for you as a member of the Arc team, abiding by the principle of honesty in every interaction. In return, we expect you to endeavour to do your best for Arc, our clients and your colleagues. In doing so, together we aim to succeed in everything we do.

Feedback: Working for Arc is a two-way process. As a company, we enjoy being able to offer staff work on behalf of our clients. What you may not realise is that the way you apply yourself during shifts directly affects the direction of our business. We regularly receive feedback on the capability of our staff from clients. This feedback ultimately dictates our ongoing relationship with the client and our relationship with you.

Operational Information: Every member of staff is expected to arrive on time, either via our transport or by making your own way to the venue. Large amounts of money, valuable items or expensive items of clothing are to be kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of loss, theft or suspicion.

If you do have any valuables declare them with the Arc management team. We will not tolerate any illegal activity by means of breaking the law. Furthermore, if you are ever unfit to work it is essential to notify us in good time.

Alcohol and Drugs: Food and drink is central to many of our clients and therefore there is often alcohol around. We recognise that alcohol is part of our business and part of people’s social lives outside of work. However, drug and alcohol abuse can threaten the health and safety of our staff, it may damage workplace morale and undermine our relationship with clients and colleagues. Therefore, we have a zero tolerance policy.

Smoking at Work: We request that staff refrain from smoking at our clients’ venues and during any customer-facing roles. Smoking may be permitted during a designated break or mealtime whilst on shift. However, this is subject to client and management approval. Smoking is harmful so we discourage any staff from smoking at all.

Equality and Diversity: Arc operates an active equal opportunities policy based on mutual respect regardless of gender, race and sexual orientation. Any intimidating behavior, discrimination or bullying amongst staff, clients or management will not be tolerated and must be reported to a member of the Arc management. If you have any concerns you can contact our People Welfare Manager via

Confidentiality: It may be that during your time as a member of the Arc team you are presented with confidential client, colleague or supplier information. Confidential information refers to any information or knowledge you may obtain during your time with Arc including any written material, business insight or audio/visual material. It is the right of any Arc associate to assume that Arc staff will remain professional at all times when in receipt of any information that may be of a personal or confidential nature. It is also your right to assume any confidential or personal information disclosed to Arc will be handled professionally.

Social Media Policy: It is unacceptable to discuss confidential work information online or via any social media network. Remember once something is posted online it is there forever. If you ever have any issues or problems, please call your local Arc office, where we will be willing to help, as opposed to posting it on any social media site. We encourage the use of social media as a great source of information but be cautious and regulate to avoid issues with confidentiality.

Security Procedures: Use your initiative when deciding what to bring to work. Do not carry unnecessary amounts of cash or valuable items whilst on duty. Any valuable items brought are done so at your own risk. We recommend that you only need to bring the following items to work: mobile phone (switched off), enough money to get home, car/house keys.

No unauthorised persons will be allowed to enter our venues or events. You may encounter VIP or celebrity guests during your shifts, it is your responsibility to remain professional at all times and only stay within your designated work environment. Please respect a customer’s right to confidentiality.

Theft, which includes the removal of company, colleague’s or client’s property is unacceptable. You may be searched when entering or leaving the building or venue, do not be alarmed by this it is standard procedure at many of our venues. You will be paid for the time this takes as it is working time if this practice is used.

Suppliers and Affiliated Businesses- the Arc team extends beyond your colleagues and managers. Transport companies, offices and suppliers are to be treated with the greatest respect. An example would be leaving litter on Arc transport or not returning a client’s uniform.