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Celebrating the World Hijab Day

Since 2013 we celebrate World Hijab Day across 140 countries thanks to Nazma Khan. She founded this day to raise awareness and normalise the wearing of a hijab, and foster religious tolerance amongst people, which is something Arc aspires to do across the hospitality industry too.

We take this day as an opportunity in the hope to bridge the gap of understanding and acceptance of religion within our Arc community, and what better way to foster understanding than by asking our very own Team Members who wear hijab about their experience!

What Is A Hijab?

The hijab is a head covering, generally a veil or a scarf, worn in public or in the presence of non-familial adult males by some Muslim women. In the Qur’an, the term hijab refers to a partition or curtain in the literal or metaphorical sense. It is a screen of some sort that partitions one individual from another.

Wearing the hijab is a matter of personal choice and the style in which it’s worn can be influenced by a variety of factors, including culture and traditions. In some countries, wearing the hijab is mandatory by law, attracting criticism and while we understand the situation worldwide is not the same as in the UK, we hope what you find in this blog will allow us to understand the reasons behind wearing hijab and bring us closer to the women of the Muslim faith. 

Woman wearing the Hijab in a field

What Does Hijab Mean To You?

“I wear it for the sake of Allah s.w.t so it means a lot to me. It’s a huge part of me and I love it.”

“For me, it’s protection, modesty and representation of Islam.”

“Hijab is a way of life to me. It depicts modesty and helps to maintain privacy from unrelated male folks.”

“It is a sacred sentimental thing, that might mean a lot to a person in faith.”

“Hijab means an attire mandatory for me as a Muslim woman which is part of my religion.”

“Hijab is modesty, it is submission to God and a well-known form of covering that makes us ambassadors of Islam.”

Does Wearing A Hijab Impact Your Work In The Hospitality Industry In Any Way?

“Well, it helps people identify that I’m Muslim. And it’s like a reminder for me that I’m a physical representation of Islam and to show a constant example of what it means to be a Muslim is beautiful.”

“The impact of my hijab in the industry boosts my confidence.”

“No. It doesn’t at all, and I do not have any hindrance wearing my hijab while working anywhere rather it gives me more confidence in achieving my goal.”

“Yes. As I work behind the bar, I do not cover as I would when away from work.”

“Drinking alcohol is forbidden in Islam and some Muslims refuse to handle it, so while women wearing a hijab shows they are Muslim, it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t handle alcohol. When in doubt, ask your colleague if they are comfortable handling alcohol and accept whatever response they give you. It’s not their responsibility to educate you on the rules of their religion further, so please remember to be respectful.”

What Would You Like Others To Know About Wearing A Hijab?

“It’s beautiful and anyone wearing it deserves respect”

“Hijab is different from just covering up. Hijab is natural and protects beauty at all costs”

“It should be a choice, not a responsibility. If covering the integrity of women is so important for men then men should’ve been an example rather than being the preacher.”

“Hijab makes me more beautiful.”

“I would like to be more welcomed as a hijabi in hospitality jobs.”

“The reasons behind it. Then accepted with love.”

“It’s preventing others to stop looking at you in a point of lust and covers your body”

“It’s a way of life for Muslims. Muslims have been instructed by God to adorn themselves with the hijab and to shield themselves away from unrelated opposite gender. Hijab is not in any way oppressive or restraining. It also serves as a form of expression.”

“Give respect to them, because sometimes they feel avoided.”

“Hijab is not extremism. Women wearing hijab should not be considered primitive because caveman was naked, but hijab is contradicting that thought. Everyone should be respectful towards all beings.”

“They should accept and be open to learn about it.”

“Wearing a hijab is a religious act, it is a way of demonstrating one’s submission to God. The Holy book of Islam – the Quran which is God’s words instruct both men and woman to be modest in their dressings and behaviours.”

“It is my choice. I respect your choice to wear what you like, please respect mine”

“It’s not your business”

That it’s not just a piece of cloth that has no meaning, I represent a whole religion wearing it so it’s much more important than it seems. I feel so much more comfortable within myself. And also I get closer to Allah s.w.t which is amazing to me.

Thank you all who shared their insights with us to celebrate this year’s World Hijab Day. There are ways you can show support and celebrate the women wearing hijab. The first one is by learning why hijab is worn, for which we hope you found this article useful, and secondly, take this opportunity to learn more about Islam so you get a better understanding of different religions and cultures.

Other types of coverings to learn about include the chador, shayla, burka, khimar, and niqab. You can also share the information you’ve learned on your social media accounts to spread awareness. Use the hashtag #WorldHijabDay to show your support.