Image for Black History Month Playlist

Black History Month Playlist

As you all know it is Black History Month! We have been asking our black team members for their input on ‘SONGS I GREW UP WITH’ to celebrate the black culture through music.

We have put them together into a playlist for everyone to enjoy and shine a light on the influence this music had on some of the modern pieces too! Have a listen here

Africa has historically contributed significantly to the development of music in many other regions of the world, including the Americas, particularly in genres like jazz, rock & roll, blues, salsa, and samba.

The popular Afrobeat music, which was originally considered “primitive” by westerners but is now appreciated for its rhythmic sophistication and intricacy, is now being listened to all around the world, with non-Africans dancing and learning the languages spoken in these songs. Two examples of inspirations that merged with other influences to produce this Afrobeat genre are Ghanaian highlife and Nigerian Fuji. Observing various foreign and African American musicians collaborate on Amapiano (originating in South Africa) and Afrobeat songs have demonstrated the extent of these songs’ influence.