Case Study

ARC Restaurant

The ARC Restaurant Case Study

The ARC Restaurant is a fine dining brasserie, located within the historic venue of Wembley Stadium and serves the exclusive members of Club Wembley’s Inner Circle.

This type of membership option provides its members with guaranteed tickets to major football matches, complimentary train travel and access to the stadium’s wealth of bars and restaurants including The ARC Restaurant. 

The 400-cover brasserie offers its guest a three-course dining experience and hosts post-event drinks and snacks. We have been working with Wembley Stadium since 2019 and managing The ARC Restaurant since February 2023.

Arc provides the whole front-of-house team, everything from the manager to the supervisors, bartenders, waiting team and runners. It’s a total of 57 team members when the room is full. Having a consistent, trained and highly-skilled team allows for confidence in delivery and guest satisfaction.

The guests enjoy the regular staff and the Team Members have extra confidence in their roles by being familiar with the operation and having colleagues they have formed relationships with working alongside them for support.

“Our highlight in a score of 9.95/10 for the Papa John’s Trophy final. This is the highest score of any hospitality area in Wembley ever. In my career I have never had so many customers reach out to me to discuss the waiting staff at the end of service and overwhelm me with positive feedback.”

Rob Butler, Lead People Operations Manager

A Quote From Rob Butler, Lead People Operations Manager

“Coming from an operational service background the lack of staffing consistency and not knowing the strength of your team was always the biggest challenge on the events circuit.

“Sometimes staff would turn up one hour before doors opening and you would have to allocate positions blind. It was impossible to pursue the highest standards when you could never be certain of a staff members training, knowledge or competency. Having a consistent team and knowing everyone’s strengths, as well as areas they need to develop, allows you to ensure the delivery is always perfect. 

“As a manager, this alleviates all the stress of service and moves the focus on to going the extra mile with the confidence that the necessities will have been delivered to the highest standard possible.

“The model creates a fantastic working environment where positivity floods the room and staff are desperate to be booked for the following event. Happy, comfortable and confident staff is a huge attraction for guests.”