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Arc’s Strategy For a Better World of Flexible Work

We incorporate our vision “to shape the world of flexible work into a better place for all” into everything we do at Arc. Arc aims to have a positive and lasting effect on the recruitment industry, not only in terms of looked-after and happy people, but also in terms of a healthy environment. We want to leave a positive impact in everything Arc does and that’s why we created our 2025 Impact Strategy.

The Impact Strategy focuses on the three biggest issues currently threatening the hospitality industry: Social Inequalities, Barriers to Employment, and Climate Crisis. Each of them represents an impact pillar and sets out comprehensive goals that will help us move towards a sustainable future:  taking Climate Action, eliminating Social Inequalities, and tackling Barriers to Employment.


Arc recognise our ambitious goal need a lot of attention, and while we have all Arc people collectively contributing to our vision, we created a position that solely looks after the Impact Strategy and makes sure our goals are on the right trajectory.



Timeline of Our Progress

There are still a lot of steps ahead of us on our journey to reaching Net-Zero carbon emissions, reducing barriers to employment, and eliminating social inequalities in the hospitality industry, but here is our journey so far:

2020 – Global Pandemic Hit the Hospitality Industry

  • Opportunity for us to rethink what purpose we want Arc to embody
  • Hired external sustainability consultants Twelve
  • Impact Strategy starts to take form

2021 – Hospitality is Starting to Pick Up Again

  • Impact Strategy is formed
  • Start working with Planetly – a carbon management software
  • Transport survey for our Team Members launched
  • First diversity & inclusion (D&I) training held by Be Inclusive Hospitality

2022 – Back to Business As Usual

Tackling Social Inequalities

Through our Social Inequalities pillar, we will lead our industry to make recruitment and staffing fairer for all. We aim to establish an industry initiative with our clients, peers, and community partners to reach this goal by 2025.

To do this, Arc will train our own staff internally on DE&I, and work with our team members to understand their experiences of bias and discrimination.

Reducing Barriers to Employment

Through our Barriers to Employment pillar, Arc will support 1,000 people facing barriers to employment into work through the Arc Academy.

Our full-time team will provide a one-stop-shop to support those most in need to upskill, improve their CV and interview techniques, work with job coaches and mentors and build their network so they can find fulfilling work.

Taking Climate Action

Through our Climate Action pillar, we aim to educate Arc people on the climate crisis and engage 5,000 to take climate action. To start, we will measure our own greenhouse gas emissions to understand our greatest climate impacts and create a reduction strategy to reach net-zero emissions by 2025.

As a people business, we know there is a lot of potentials to inspire others to create more change. To reach our goal, Arc will develop a climate action training programme to educate and inspire others to take action.