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Meet Our
Unrivalled Team

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Michael Gavin (He/Him)


Paul Marcinkowski (He/Him)



Rachel Alexander (She/Her)

Head of Operations

Lizzie Wright (She/Her)

Senior People Operations Manager - Liverpool

Sarah King (She/Her)

Senior People Operations Manager - Liverpool

Alannah Boyce

Senior People Operations Manager - Scotland

Jamie Mullet

Senior People Operations Manager - London

Emma Jensen (She/Her)

Senior People Operations Manager - Manchester

Amy Nickson (She/Her)

Lead People Operations Manager - Manchester

Aine Porrill (She/Her)

People Operations Manager - Manchester

Beth Gwynne (She/Her)

Lead People Operations Manager - London

Theo Morris

People Operations Manager - London

Ryan Mcgarrity (He/Him)

People Operations Manager - Scotland

Richard Jenkins (He/Him)

People Operations Manager - Liverpool

Emma King (She/Her)

People Operations Manager - Liverpool

Chloe Reeves (She/Her)

People Operations Coordinator - Liverpool

Millie Smith

People Operations Coordinator

Zainab Abdullahi

Operations Support - Manchester

Sameena Begum (She/Her)

People Operations Coordinator - Midlands

Lamar Campbell (He/Him)

Payroll & People Operations Administrator - Midlands

Hampton (He/Him)

Pawject Manager - London


Vicky Gardner (She/Her)

Head of Accounts

Graeme Hunter

Finance Officer

Lisa Hughes (She/Her)

Finance Assistant

Louise Condron

Finance Assistant

Thomas Larkin

Finance Support - Liverpool

Danielle Roberts (They/Them)

Finance Support - London

Victoria Ogunleye (She/Her)

Finance Support - Liverpool

Shalewa Animashaun (She/Her)

Finance Support - Manchester

Darren Bello (He/Him)

Finance Support - Liverpool

Aoife Woodhouse

Payroll & Timesheet Administrator

Sarah Morrison

Payroll & Timesheet Administrator


Ashleigh Coleman

Senior Marketing and Communications Manager


Courtney Wakes (She/Her)

Senior Business Development Manager

People, Welfare and Compliance

Sarah Harrison (She/Her)

People, Welfare and Compliance Manager

Environment and Social Impact

Monika Szabova (She/Her)

Environment & Social Impact Officer