Image for 400 shifts, 5 years, 1 hard worker and lots of fun!

400 shifts, 5 years, 1 hard worker and lots of fun!

Congratulations to Nurat from Arc London who recently completed her 400th shift with Arc!

This is a huge achievement, and we are so pleased to have Nurat as part of Team Arc. Since 2016, Nurat has worked in nearly every role we have on offer. From Betting Assistant to Team Leader and Front of House Hospitality to Covid-19 Testing Sites, Nurat has certainly become a jack of all Arc trades! We caught up with Nurat to find out how Arc has changed over the years and what she’s learnt from working in such a variety of roles!

What skills have you learnt while working for Arc?

Communication, which helps work run smoothly

Patience and professionalism, dealing with unkind or disruptive customers can be tricky

Responsibility and leadership

How to work efficiently under pressure, panicking gets you nowhere!

To work smarter not harder

Time management, ensuring I travel to venues on time

Knowledge of an array of products I’ve come into contact with over the years

What’s been your favourite shift or memory of Arc?

My favourite shift has to be the 5 days’ work experience at one of the betting sights. I believe it was Chelmsford, where we stayed in a university accommodation. Getting paid to work and have fun with colleagues after shifts was great!

Experiencing becoming a team leader at the O2 after years of avoiding the job role was also an experience! It was a complete and utter shambles but it is funny to look back on and taught me that being thrown into the deep end is the best way to overcome a fear at times!

Why do you like working for Arc?

Working with Arc is convenient, as I can choose when and where I want to work. With access to a number of job roles in different locations it is very fitting for me. When I first started, I could work around being in university and now I can work around ‘living my best life’

I like the Arc team and the values they stand for

It is a reliable agency in comparison to the many out there. Although shifts are often seasonal, when I do book a shift I am often booked in immediately and it is rarely cancelled. With the new Ubeya app, which was launched this year, Arc has really stepped up their game!

I enjoy meeting new people. Every shift there is a new face and different interactions. Some roles require extreme professionalism, whilst others allow a more relaxed you. I can say I’ve built many friendships with people I’ve met through Arc

How has the business changed in the last 4 years?

As I started working with Arc, it was just beginning to make a name for itself. There wasn’t much to it. Now there are new clients which means new job opportunities for us, especially with problems surrounding Covid-19 and hospitality, Arc has broadened their horizons and I think this is a great direction to go in.

How different are things now compared to when you started?

There are more job opportunities

There is more work in different locations other than London

The company has grown, the website has developed, a variety of social media platforms are now used to exhibit what Arc is about, which are all excellent ways to obtain new staff and clients

The Ubeya app is now used and I think it will go along way

I’m 4 years older!

What advice would you give to someone starting out on their Arc journey?

Have fun

Use this experience with Arc as a learning tool

Get to know people and make friends

Make friends with the Arc team

Enjoy the flexibility and hands on experiences

Evidence: make a personal record of shifts

Step out of your comfort zone and try new things, you may hate it or you may love it but you will never know till you try!

What are your plans for the future?

After finishing university and enjoying a year out to travel it is time to follow my career path into Psychology. Although I will not forget about Arc, I’m planning to continue with weekend shifts for something fun and stress free.